18” Gas conveyor Oven



Heating Principle :Air impingement

Conveyor Belt Width18 inches
Bake Chamber Length 28 inches

Floor space 1.5㎡

Heating Source Gas

Gas consumption: 0.9m³-Natural gas


Product description

Bakers Rock G-Series direct fired gas conveyor ovens
adopted Impingement Technology the vertical columns of hot air move heat aerodynamically instead of using high temperature. During baking, the product is placed on the stainless steel 304 conveyor belt and passes through top and bottom two flows of hot air. The best system for heat distribution in the whole baking chamber for perfect baking of Pizza, Pastry, Chicken wings, Seafood, sandwiches, bagels, Hot dog, ethnic foods and
Standard Feature:
•Advanced air impingement process that delivers
constant and uniform heat to the chamber.
• Precisely temperature control by intelligent digital PID controller, automatic detection , automatic alarm.
• Electronic Pulse Ignition auto switching between mass and slow fire to keep the oven temperature stabilization.
• 18” (457mm) wide by 57” (1448mm) long conveyor belt
• 28” (710mm) long baking chamber
• 6” (150mm) Extension tray
• Reversible conveyor direction
• Stack-able up to three unit high
• Stainless steel front, sides, top and interior
• Natural gas and Propane gas are optional

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