18″ Tunnel Stone Oven



Heating Principle :Heating Tube + heating Stone

Conveyor Belt Width18 inches
Bake Chamber Length :32 inches

Floor space :1870*990mm

Heating Source :Electrical

Power supply: 380V 50Hz

Product description

  • Heating Principle
    Heating Tube + Heating stone
  • Conveyor Belt Width
    18 Inches
  • Heating Source
  • Bake Chamber Length
    32 Inches
  • Floor Space
  • Power Supply
    380V 50Hz


Bakers Rock S1832 Electric Tunnel Stone Oven equipped conveyor belt with refractory stone fillets, cooks directly on refractory stone. Ease of use, perfect cooking and very low consumption allow it to be used even by non-specialized personnel. have cooking chambers with independent electronic temperature regulation for baking floor and ceiling. They can easily be controlled and set by the operator and they guarantee excellent cooking many products, such as pizzas, focaccia, Arabian bread, tortillas, vegetables, brochette, tart , chicken wings, meats.

Standard Features

  • Patented EMS Energy Management System reduces energy consumption and increases cooking efficiency
  • Eco button set the oven on standby during work pauses to save energy.
  • Adjustable inlet and outlet shutters height
  • 32” (800mm) long cooking chamber with 18” (450mm) width belt
  • Maximum cooking temperature 450°C
  • Conveyor belt in refractory stone fillets
  • Self-lubricated bearings for simplified maintenance
  • Digital control bake time and conveyor speed
  • Stainless steel front, sides, top and interior
  • Crumb-collecting removable trays for easier cleaning.
  • Floor space 1.9*1m ( Furnished 4 legs with wheels)
  • Reversible conveyor direction

S1832 specification .pdf S1832 specification .pdf